Duchess of Cornwall - Title and Style

The Duchess of Cornwall legally holds the title and rank of Princess of Wales as she is the wife of the Prince of Wales, but she does not, by choice, style herself as such. She has a fine engagement ring , a royal heirloom, and her own coat of arms.

The Duchess of Cornwall (Prince Charles' subsidiary title is Duke of Cornwall), since her marriage she has indicated that she wished to use the style of, rather than Princess of Wales. In Scotland however, where Prince Charles is usually referred to as the Duke of Rothesay, she is referred to as the Duchess of Rothesay in Scotland.

Rather than being graded as the second (as would normally be the case for the Princess of Wales) highest-ranking female royal in the United Kingdom Order of Precedence in 2005 ). Camilla has been officially placed fourth (after the Queen, The Princess Royal and Princess Alexandra

Apparently this has been done in order to show Camilla as being a royal duchess rather than a princess.

The Duchess of Cornwall's names and titles are, in chronological order, are as follows:

* Miss Camilla Shand (1947 - 1973)
* Mrs. Andrew Parker Bowles (1973-1995)
* Mrs. Camilla Parker Bowles (1995-2005) (between her divorce and re-marriage)
* Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall (used everywhere but Scotland) (2005-)
* Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Rothesay (used only in Scotland) (2005-)

Her full titles after her marriage are (although she does not use them all) are:-

Her Royal Highness The Princess Charles, Princess of Wales and Countess of Chester, Duchess of Cornwall, Duchess of Rothesay, Countess of Carrick, Baroness of Renfrew, Lady of the Isles, Princess of Scotland

Once Prince Charles ascended the throne as King, technically as the wife of a king, Camilla would be Queen. However it has already been stated by Clarence House that she would use the title HRH The Princess Consort when The Prince of Wales accedes to the throne.

Duchess of Cornwall title and style

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