Camilla's marriage to Andrew Parker Bowles

In 1973 the then Camilla Shand, at the age of 26, married Andrew Parker-Bowles, a Roman Catholic. Their wedding was at the Guard’s Chapel, Wellington Barracks on 4th July 1973.

The couple had two children.
i.Tom Parker Bowles (born in 1974), who is a godson of the Prince of Wales. One godchild out over over 30 attributed to Prince Charles)
ii.Laura Parker Bowles (born in 1978).

There have been discussions in about whether Camilla's children should be given any royal privileges after Camilla's marriage to Charles, but apparently the answer has been no.

The couple had two children, Thomas Henry and Laura Rose, born in 1974 and 1978 respectively. The Prince of Wales is godfather to Tom Parker Bowles. The children were both raised (if nominally) as Roman Catholics, particularly when their paternal grandmother, Dame Ann de Trafford Parker-Bowles, was alive.

The marriage was dissolved in 1995.


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