Andrew Parker Bowles

Andrew Parker Bowles was born on 27 December 1939.


The son of Derek Henry Parker Bowles ( a distant atistocrat as he was a great-grandson of the 6th Earl of Macclesfield) and Dame Ann de Trafford ( a Roman Catholic and a daughter of the multimillionaire racehorse owner Sir Humphrey de Trafford ).

Some reports say he was a godson of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, but his christening announcement in The Times, February 13, 1940 mentions only Sir Humphrey de Trafford, the Marquess of Hartingdon, Miss Mary de Trafford and Miss Swinnerton-Dyer. The Queen Mother is not on the list.


Educated at the Benedictine Ampleforth College and the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

Marriage to Camilla Shand (now Duchess of Cornwall)

Andrew Parker Bowles married Camilla Rosemary Shand in a Roman Catholic church in 1973. They have two children, Tom Parker Bowles and Laura Parker Bowles, who were raised nominally Catholic, at least while their paternal grandmother, Dame Ann Parker Bowles, was alive. Laura attended St. Mary's, Shaftesbury, a Catholic girls school in Dorset, England, while Tom attended a secular school, Eton College.

In 1986 the Parker Bowles sold Bolehyde Manor. It was in the garden of Bolehyde that Prince Charles is believed to have proposed to Lady Diana Spencer.

The marriage was dissolved in 1995, though the couple had been living apart for some time before that. He is said to be on friendly terms with his ex-wife


Andrew Parker Bowles became head of the Royal Army Veterinary Corps.

In the 1970's he was Colonel Commanding the Household Cavalry and Silver Stick in Waiting to Queen Elizabeth II. And was ADC to Lord Soames, when he was Governor-General of Southern Rhodesia in 1979.

Silver Stick is merely the title that comes with being the Colonel Commanding the Household Cavalry. Silver Stick in Waiting is the assistant to Gold Stick in Waiting. These court titles date back to Tudor times, when two army officers were placed near the Sovereign to protect him or her from danger. Their name derives from their staffs of office, which have a gold or a silver head.

He left the army with the rank of Brigadier and went on to become a director of Arena Leisure, a company that owns race courses, and property group Harcourt Developments.

Queen Mother, a racing fan who would stay with him and Camilla at their home in Wiltshire when she attended the annual Cheltenham racing festival. In return, the Parker Bowleses were invited to stay at Birkhall, the Queen Mother's home on the royal Balmoral estate in Scotland, where Charles and Camilla later spent their honeymoon.

Marriage to Rosemary Pitman

Andrew Parker Bowles and Camilla divorced in 1995. A year later he married his longtime partner, Rosemary Pitman. Rosemary (née Dickinson) was first married to Lieutenant-Colonel (John) Hugh Pitman, a descendant of Sir Isaac Pitman, inventor of the Pitman system of shorthand (stenography). Rosemary should not be confused with Virginia Pitman, a flatmate of Diana, Princess of Wales before Diana's marriage to the Prince of Wales, who has made various pronouncements on Diana.

A big royal birthday party was held at Windsor Castle to celebrate the 100th birthday of the Elizabeth the Queen Mother, the 70th birthday of Princess Margaret, the 50th birthday of Anne Princess Royal, the 40th birthday of Andrew Duke of York and the 18th birthday of Prince William. He was among the invited guests. Camilla Parker Bowles did not attend however.

Andrew Parker Bowles and his wife Rosemary were invited to the marriage of Camilla and the Prince of Wales April 2005. Apparently he was invited at the Queen's behest. A friend said: "Andrew's on very good terms with many of the royals. He's an ex-boyfriend of Princess Anne, and the late Queen Mother saw him as one of her favourites. Charles wasn't too thrilled at inviting him, but the Queen thought he should be there." His invitation is perhaps a royal reward for never having spoken publicly about his role in the Camilla and Charles saga.

Andrew Parker Bowles forst wife, the Duchess of Cornwall

Andrew Parker Bowles first wife, the Duchess of Cornwall